The story: 

We are two working moms with creative minds and an entrepreneurial drive to create a one of a kind product. We put our vision to paper in 2019 and have not slowed down since. We can't wait to see what the future holds for this product and our new business venture.

The name:

Tulla is a combination of Tulsa and Oklahoma, which is where our business was founded. Threads represents the future of endless products that we will produce.

The Design: 

Our design was created after complaining many times about our feet being cold and we were sick of the big bulky socks. We wanted to be able to wear a cute comfy/cozy sock in the colder seasons and keep our feet warm. We spent many hours designing the perfect low cut sock. Our unique design features a thin two layer wool and polyester blend that delivers warmth. And GUESS WHAT ... this unique design also pairs perfectly with any low cut spring, fall, or winter shoe!  

  • Leslie Kelly

  • Mindy Drouhard

  • The Company

    We were established in 2019 in Jenks, Oklahoma. We are a locally owned small business.